Proyecto Ensayo Hispánico

Anthology of Hispanic Essay

This is one of the three main sections contained in the Hispanic Essay Project (the other two sections are The Archive of Philosophers and Essayists and Theory & Criticism). This Anthology of Hispanic Essay includes essays (the complete text) from some of the most influential Hispanic essayists. It is organized alphabetically and by centuries. Not all the essays included fall along the lines of the twentieth century rhetoric of the essay. We also incorporate texts that are essential for the understanding of the intellectual movements that best characterized the development of the Hispanic culture. The anthology is weighed heavily with essayists from before 1950, due to the slow process required in getting permission for more recent texts.


Note: This web site, devoted to the teaching of the Hispanic Essay, is constructed in its entirety in Spanish. The English summaries of these introductory pages are provided as a courtesy to the visitors of this site who do not understand the Spanish language.

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