Proyecto Ensayo Hispánico

Archive of Iberian and Latin American
and Essayists

This is one of the three main sections contained in the Hispanic Essay Project (the other two sections are The Anthology of Hispanic Essay and Theory & Criticism). The Archive of Iberian and Latin American Philosophers and Essayists contains both introductory and scholarly studies on Hispanic essayists and philosophers. The section is structured alphabetically and by nations. Each author’s section is further subdivided into five subsections: a) introduction to the author and his/her works; b) bibliography of their works; c) bibliography about their work; d) a selection of one to six essays (always with complete text of the essay); e) other scholarly studies about the author. The objective is gradually to include every Hispanic essayist. To further this goal, the project depends upon the participation of the intellectual community. The authors already included represent the individual interests of the contributors, and for this reason, we do not follow a pre-established criterion for the inclusion of a given author. The central objective of this site is to facilitate and to advance the study of Hispanic Thought.


Note: This web site, devoted to the teaching of the Hispanic Essay, is constructed in its entirety in Spanish. The English summaries of these introductory pages are provided as a courtesy to the visitors of this site who do not understand the Spanish language.

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