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Proyecto Ensayo Hispánico is a collaborative effort to disseminate Hispanic thought and essay. José Luis Gómez-Martínez, Emeritus professor of Hispanic Essay at the University of Georgia, started the project in 1997. Since its creation, over 400 scholars of Hispanic culture have already participated in the preparation of the material located within these pages.

The colleagues collaborating in this undertaking do not receive honoraria for their contributions; and all the information presented within this website is provided to the reader free of charge as a service to promote dialogue and discourse.

From the beginning, one of the main characteristics of this project has been its emphasis on the quality of the contributions we accept, and on the careful preparation of the text selections that we incorporate in the Anthology of Hispanic Essay. To meet these objectives I have been fortunate to have, especially at the beginning, the advice and collaboration of an exceptional group of scholars of the Hispanic culture. I wish to express here my thanks to Pedro Chamizo Domínguez, Raúl Fornet Betancourt, Ignacio López-Calvo, Fausto O. Sarmiento, Carmen Chaves Tesser, Ricardo Vélez Rodríguez, Miguel Vicente Pedraz.

Note: This web site is constructed in its entirety in Spanish. The English summaries of these introductory pages are provided as a courtesy to the visitors of this website who do not understand the Spanish language.

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