Positivism in Mexico: Austin: University of Texas Press, 1974. 241 pp.
(Tranlation of
El positivismo en México by Josephine H. Schulte)
Preface to the English Translation

I. Philosophy and Its History.
II. Positivism in Mexican Circumstances.
III. The Positivism of Auguste Comte.
IV. Mexican Positivism.

Section One: The Birth
I. The Positivist Interpretation of Mexican History.
II. Historical Circumstances in Mexico, 1867.

Section Two: The Origins
I. The Forces of Progress and Reaction.
II. Mexican Liberalism's Ideals of Education.
III. The Ideology of the Mexican Bourgeoisie.

Section Three: The Development, "Gabino Barreda"
I. Gabino Barreda and the Problem of Freedom.
II. Barreda's Defense of the Interests of the Mexican Bourgeoisie.
III. Gabino Barreda's Plan of Education.
IV. Barreda's Defense of His Plan of Education.

Section Four: The Development, "The Disciples"
I. The Positivists and the Construction of a New Order.
II. The Application of the Positivist Method.
III. The Theory of Some Positivists concerning the Social Order.
IV. The Creation of the Social Order.

Section Five: The Utopia
I. Freedom of Conscience and Positivism.
II. The Idea of a New Positivist Spiritual Power.
III. The Struggle for Spiritual Power.



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