The Latin-American Mind. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1963. 308 pp.
(Translation of
Dos etapas del pensamiento en Hispanoamérica (1949),
by James H. Abbott and Lowell Dunham)
Translator's Preface
Author's Preface

I. Hispanic America and Its Historical Conscience.
II. Romanticism in Hispanic America.
III. Positivism in Hispanic America.

Part One: Mental Emancipation
I. Political Emancipation and Mental Emancipation.
II. The Middle Ages and Modernity in American Culture.
III. The Spanish Heritage in Hispanic America.
IV. The Urgency of Political Emancipation.
V. The New Generation and Its Program.
VI. North America as a Model.
VII. Toward a Hispanic-American Solution.
VIII. Apprenticeship in Foreign Sources.
IX. Toward the Philosophy of a New Order.

Part Two: The New Order
I. Positivism as a Liberal Philosophy.
II. The Orthodox and the Heterodox.
III. Toward a Political Science.
IV. Deception and Destruction.
V. Positivism and Nationality.
VI. Positivism and Social Regeneration.
VII. Positivism as Eduaction for Freedom.
VIII. Positivism and the Argentine Bourgeoisie.
IX. Positivism and Socialism.
X. Positivism and the New Hispanic Ethics.
XI. Positivism and the Political Emancipation of Cuba.
XII. Spencer versus Hegel.
XIII. The Latin Race and Positivism.

Selected Bibliography


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