Proyecto Ensayo Hispánico

Theory & Criticism

Theory & Criticism is one of the three main sections contained in the Hispanic Essay Project (the other two sections are The Archive of Philosophers and Essayists and The Anthology of Hispanic Essay). This section incorporates scholarly studies grouped into four main categories: A) General studies on the history of Iberian and Latin American thought: as more studies become available they will also be arranged by centuries. B) Studies on the theory of the essay, that is, studies that look into the essay as a literary genre and its development through the centuries. C) Theoretical studies indexed by subject; this section opens up the possibility to integrate the multifarious directions of contemporary thinking. D) Studies pertaining to the subjects covered in sections A & B, but referring to specific countries; these studies are grouped by country.


Note: This web site, devoted to the teaching of the Hispanic Essay, is constructed in its entirety in Spanish. The English summaries of these introductory pages are provided as a courtesy to the visitors of this site who do not understand the Spanish language.

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